You deserve a website that makes people say, "Are you taking on new clients right now?

You are an entrepreneur because you believe in the value you bring to the table, a value that truly transforms businesses and lives for the better.

As a web designer, I am here to help you amplify your impact. If you need a new website to level up your online presence, I am your person.

  • You’re not afraid to try new things. I mean, you’ve tried to shortcut your way with website templates and attempt to make them more personal, but … I’ll say it: websites are just NOT your thing.
  • No matter how much time you spend in front of your computer, it feels like you’re never going to get your website to look like the premium website that you pictured in your mind.
  • You don’t even look at your website anymore because you’re tired of it all, from the color palette and drag and dropping to the internet jargon and tech glitches.

This was never the plan: you didn’t start this business to waste brainpower on creating websites.

Your business deserves a website that reflects your vision.

What if the next time a friend says, “Ooh, I know someone who could use your expertise,” and asks for your website …

You could just casually give them the link, knowing that they’re going to be super impressed?

I can make that happen.

Hi, I’m Linda

I’m a web designer for the highly-skilled entrepreneurs

Who wants to become more visible online and become one of the biggest names in their fields.

I help my clients attract their preferred clients so they can make real progress towards meeting their big-picture goals. I’d love to help you, too.

“We can't thank Linda enough for helping us. She understood our need for a more sophisticated and contemporary look to represent our growth as a company and design aesthetic.”
Andi Wheelband and Renee Frostick
Two Birds Design | Award-winning interior agency

It started in 2008:

Everywhere I looked, I saw enthusiastic entrepreneurs with unprofessional, poorly made websites that could potentially harm their business.

I get it - building your business from the ground up isn’t for the faint-hearted. To reach a certain level of service and clients can be time-consuming, but slowly and surely they have outgrown their - good for now - website that does no longer do their business any justice.

That's exactly why I got into what I do.

Now, I create professional websites for talented entrepreneurs - just like you - to establish trust and professionalism that truly resonate with their preferred clients and let them do the work they love.

Experienced web designer with style

I hold a degree in graphic design and mastered Webflow development to create stunning and custom online experiences.

Due to these years of experience in the high-end brand segment, I’ve developed valuable skills and know-how on how to create impactful visual and digital experiences that resonate with clients willing to pay premium prices.


She treated my brand as her own and went above and beyond my expectation

It has been a pleasure working with Linda on the launch of my new brand.
Prior to even engaging and appointing her as my graphic designer, she provided great expertise and feedback on my logo name. Furthermore, throughout our partnership her attention to detail and skills is beyond words.!
Michelle Pan

The perfect combination of skills and experience to build your website and grow your online business.

Brand Identity
Web Design
Webflow development
Logo Design
UI/UX Design
Minimalistic Aesthetic

User Experience
Brand Strategy
Customer Journey
Micro Interactions
Social Media Branding
Time-Saving Automation

Fun facts about me

City girl, rural living

I'm based in Blaricum, in The Netherlands. A rural village with highland cows for neighbours, and it's only 20-minute drive from the vibrant and bustling city of Amsterdam. Best of both worlds.

My little bundle of joy

I love spending time with my 2-year-old niece, Wynter, and feel blessed that I have created a work-life balance that allows me to hang out with her two days a week. Who would you like to spend more time with?

Icelandic adventure

At the age of 19, I took a 10-months sabbatical to Iceland. I wanted to explore the wild and untouched nature and learn more about the peoples' heritage and traditions. A truly amazing experience.

Bucketlist no. 9

When the pandemic is over, I am going to travel to South Africa and drink wine at the top of the iconic Constantia Valley. What's on your bucketlist?

Ready to finally get the website you’ve always wanted?

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